I was transferred back again to the old job I’ve been assigned to. Though it’s easier than my previous, I kinda don’t get the idea that they can’t hire new people. I am really progressing (skill wise) from that previous work and somehow loving it. Now I’m back to this mediocrity. 


Good part of it, I’m with good friends. 


Morning glory


I’ve been taken advantage once when I was super drunk.

A guy from my office was supposed to give me a ride home after a morning intoxication, but I declined as I thought I’d be, ya know (since I don’t like him that much — he ain’t that good looking haha). So there I was, wiggling my way to the taxi stand. I got a cab and recited my address. I was too damn drunk to lead him all the way there so I involuntarily took a nap. I was waken by the taxi driver cause he doesn’t know where to go where we were literally halfway through. I think I was talking gibberish that time and the next thing I knew, I’m walking on a market side street. Drunk. 


I realized I was getting too much attention from the people walking by me. I had to sober up. I sat on a bench near a fountain where everybody else was settling down. Dizzy I was, I was still not aware of the things happening around me. Then a guy sat beside me. 


He called my name.


“Who are you?”

“Don’t you remember me? Ephraim. Are you alright?”

I was hesitant if I’d respond to him or not. I knew I remember an Ephraim from before. But I was too drunk, I wasn’t sure.

“You’re drunk.” He told me. “Let’s hang at my place. We have coffee.”

“No. I need to go home. I’ll have coffee at Mc Donald’s. Thanks anyway”

The restaurant wasn’t too far from where I was seated. I stood up but lost balance. He caught me, obviously and walked me to Mc Donald’s. I literally couldn’t walk properly so I stayed seated for a while outside the restaurant. My sight was getting more blurry. 


We were walking again. Held up by that Ephraim dude. 


He was dragging me.


He kept touching my boobs.


He got tired from walking (luckily. We rested at a semi-hidden place and he touched my boobs again. His touches were getting intense and woke me up.


“Ow! You’re hurting me! What are you doing?”

“Shut up. I’m helping you.”

Blood rushed through my veins. I was suddenly sober. I needed to act my way out. “I need to pee.”

“You can pee at my place. There are no restrooms here.”

(in a drunken way)”I know a place. I’ll come with you. I just need to pee.” 

Behind the bushes was a mini mall. I realized we have a spa business nearby. My head got up straight again. I didn’t recognize this guy at all as I had a good look at him. He was wearing a school uniform. But he looked like a 25. We walked pass a guard  and whispered to help me. He got on his radio and followed us. As I entered the cubicle of the mall restroom, I started panicking and dialed anyone who can pick me up. I didn’t make sense at all cause I was sobbing and talking at the same time. The other women at the restroom became concerned and asked me to come out of the cubicle and talk about it. I confessed my situation and they called the guards. The guard who followed us told me the guy I was with ran his way out. I never saw him since. 


My sister picked me up and was traumatized by the event. I could have been raped and murdered.  


I never got drunk without anyone to take care of me. Again. (lol that’s it?)


Anyway, I just had to post this. I might forget I was too foolish before. 


What I see is what you get


What I see is what I’ll say. I probably lack English grammar skills, but that may probably the least of your worries about me. Should I describe my self? I’ll give you a one word — amateur (in everything).

I am recently suffering from an acute memory loss and got mixed up with a lotta stuff. My therapist (Google) told me I may be too stressed about thinking too much and ended up as this. And I should start a blog. Voila!

I love to travel (almost everybody does) and I may be posting some pictures from my escapades. I love travelling to nature spots where people don’t see everyday. It’s much more exciting that way. I don’t do clubbing. I’ve done that some times, but all I see there are bunch of phonies who just want to get into each other’s pants. No problem there though. It’s just not my thing. I am more of an Indie type. I listen to local indie bands. Films? Not that hooked yet but enjoyed some. And I just looove the way things are to be discovered than just to appreciate what’s already there. It’s much more “challenging” that way? It’s how men appreciate women too. Sometimes, men dig bitches. Cause if it’s a slut, it’d be too easy.

In my current relationship.. It’s all fucked up. I mean.. Pathetically fucked up.

I am currently living happily with my current motto: “No regrets”. I seriously don’t have anything to regret up till now. Other than me buying some scams. Only thing that I might regret, is not telling anybody what I’ve been doing great about my self (just for someone who cares, but I ain’t gonna tell everybody I know about this blog) I don’t trust my self in keeping secrets so I might end up telling someone anyway. I’ll be ending this for today. Writing actually makes me feel good. I should keep this up.