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What I see is what you get


What I see is what I’ll say. I probably lack English grammar skills, but that may probably the least of your worries about me. Should I describe my self? I’ll give you a one word — amateur (in everything).

I am recently suffering from an acute memory loss and got mixed up with a lotta stuff. My therapist (Google) told me I may be too stressed about thinking too much and ended up as this. And I should start a blog. Voila!

I love to travel (almost everybody does) and I may be posting some pictures from my escapades. I love travelling to nature spots where people don’t see everyday. It’s much more exciting that way. I don’t do clubbing. I’ve done that some times, but all I see there are bunch of phonies who just want to get into each other’s pants. No problem there though. It’s just not my thing. I am more of an Indie type. I listen to local indie bands. Films? Not that hooked yet but enjoyed some. And I just looove the way things are to be discovered than just to appreciate what’s already there. It’s much more “challenging” that way? It’s how men appreciate women too. Sometimes, men dig bitches. Cause if it’s a slut, it’d be too easy.

In my current relationship.. It’s all fucked up. I mean.. Pathetically fucked up.

I am currently living happily with my current motto: “No regrets”. I seriously don’t have anything to regret up till now. Other than me buying some scams. Only thing that I might regret, is not telling anybody what I’ve been doing great about my self (just for someone who cares, but I ain’t gonna tell everybody I know about this blog) I don’t trust my self in keeping secrets so I might end up telling someone anyway. I’ll be ending this for today. Writing actually makes me feel good. I should keep this up.